Harlow Council demands improvements to bin collections


Harlow Council is demanding that waste contractor, Veolia, restore normal bin collections by 4pm this Wednesday (12 May 2021).

This morning, a rectification notice was issued on Veolia following recent ongoing disruption to household bin collections across the town.

The council is sorry for the delays residents are experiencing. It is the council’s intention to pursue more proactive steps to manage contractual performance if collections continue to be missed. The council will not stand by and let this poor performance continue. Bin collections are the one service which affect every home in the town and it is not acceptable for waste and recycling bins to be left unemptied for days.

The bin crews continue to work hard in what is a very demanding job and the council wants to make it clear that the issuing of the notice is not to do with them. It is to do with how the overall contract has been resourced by Veolia in the last couple of weeks.

Residents rightly expect their bins to be collected on time. The council remains in close dialogue with Veolia to seek an immediate return to the service level agreed when the waste contract was procured.

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