Life with Pets: How to Protect Your Home with Laminate Flooring


Having pets is one of life’s biggest luxuries. They keep us fir and happy and soon become a well-loved member of the family. With this being said, life with a pet isn’t all that great sometimes, especially when it comes to the interior of your home.

No matter what pet you have, you have to be careful about the furniture and flooring you choose! Laminate is one of the best flooring options to consider if you have pets for a whole host of reasons. Let’s delve into this more.

Easy to clean

Firstly, laminate flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. More often than not, people regret purchasing more expensive flooring such as solid and engineered wood because it is more likely to warp and split with higher moisture levels. When a dog arrives home from a muddy walk and shakes all the water off its fur, you might have to deal with cleaning this up over and over again. Although it’s all worth it in the end (sometimes!), consistent cleaning should be made easier.

This is why laminate is a great option for those with pets as it is easy to clean. Moreover, if your pet has an accident when you’re at work or they’ve kicked their water bowl over, you don’t need to worry about cleaning it up immediately.


When you have a pet with sharper nails, this is when laminate flooring becomes your ideal solution. Laminate as a material is scratch-resistant meaning that it can withstand some wear and tear. If you constantly have a dog flying around the living area playing with toys, you’ll often find some scratches on the floor that might not be completely removable. However, laminate can last through these scratches to keep your mind at ease.

With this being said, laminate is very durable which is why people choose to lay it in various rooms around their home. It is less susceptible to tearing which is great if you have an animal that likes to claw. The material is made from pressed wood which only adds to its durability. The durable nature of laminate is what makes it such a popular choice for people with pets.


Thirdly, when living with pets, we can expect that we will have to replace some things every now and again. This is why it is important to purchase a more affordable type of flooring than opting for the real deal, like solid wood or engineered wood. Although hardwood might be slightly more appealing and better value for money, you must weigh up the pros and cons when you have pets.

For example, would you rather spend a fortune on solid wood only for it to become scratched and show wear? You might think that these types of flooring will be a good investment in the long run but ideally, it isn’t going to last as long as you think when you have pets. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for flooring like laminate that is affordable and easy to install. So, if you want or need to replace it in the future, you won’t dread the costs.

Final thoughts

Overall, we advise that you consider laminate for various rooms around your house. If you do want to invest in floors like hardwood or carpets, you should consider laying these in your bedroom, or in a room where there isn’t a lot of traffic from your pets. However, laminate floors will be easier to clean, less susceptible to wear and tear and be more affordable in the long run.


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