Here’s Nine Healthy Ways You Can Enjoy Alcohol


With family and friends able to enjoy each other’s company in a private garden on 29th March, and outdoor beer gardens opening up on the 13th April, many Brits are looking forward to enjoying a celebratory drink with loved ones.

Last time pubs re-opened one in five people were expected to drink alcohol in a pub within the first two weeks, and with pubs in some areas being shut for five months, this reopening is set to be no different.

The team at Audley Villages have researched and revealed nine surprising ways that alcohol can help boost your health when enjoyed responsibly.

It’s important not to over-do it, however, as drinking excessively can cause long-lasting liver damage and other health problems.

From helping to boost heart health, to being part of your five-a-day, here are some of the ways alcohol can aid a healthy lifestyle:

  • Rosé: Packed with polyphenols (micronutrients rich in antioxidants), a glass of Rosé can be good for heart health.

  • Champagne: With surprising benefits for memory performance, bubbly has also been shown to improve skin condition.

  • Mojito: The addition of lime and fresh mint in this cocktail boosts it’s antioxidant qualities over other rum drinks which tend to contain more sugar.

  • Red Wine: In addition to polyphenols which support heart health, red wine can also level out glucose levels, which if left untouched can result in diabetes.

  • Bloody Mary: Best of the cocktails for its vitamin-rich tomato juice, low calories and overall value nutritionally. A Bloody Mary can be used towards the goal of five fruit and veg a day.

  • On the Rocks: Any spirit taken on the rocks is lower calories than one with mixers. Opt for light spirits if you suffer from hangovers. Watch your intake when drinking a cocktail with lots of ice , with less liquid it can be easier to drink more of them.

  • Vodka & Cranberry: Great for those who suffer from urinary tract infections. However, as with any fruit juices, the sugar intake can be quite high so opting for a low-sugar variety of cranberry juice will make the drink healthier.

  • Guinness: With fibre, antioxidants and B vitamins; this dark Irish stout is a better choice than most craft beer varieties.

  • Light Beer: If wines and spirits aren’t to your taste, choose light beers over a darker or heavier option. A general rule of thumb is the lighter the beer, the less calories it’s likely to contain.

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