Harley Street Therapist Karl Rollison releases The Needle Phobia Handbook


Two times self-help author and Harley therapist Karl Rollison has released his third book named ‘The Needle Phobia Handbook’.

With the nation’s Covid-19 vaccination programme in full flow, Karl felt the time was right to help in the eradication of Trypanophobia – the fear that many people are prepared to risk their life by avoiding life-saving injections. And, it is the number one phobia in the world and one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths.

This book offers a step-by-step guide that will help readers overcome their fear easily and comfortably. It has been written in an hypnotic framework that takes you on a journey and explains:

  • Why Trypanophobia is so common

  • Where it comes from

  • Why it’s so dangerous

  • The impact it has on loved ones

  • Why it needs to be eradicated

Karl says, ‘People would rather suffer extreme health issues than receive a simple injection. This situation is so widespread that it’s estimated to be one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths in the world’.

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