Lords to question insurance industry on risk reduction


The House of Lords Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Committee will tomorrow hear evidence from experts in the insurance industry on the UK’s resilience to risk, as well as the industry’s role in managing and reducing risk.

The session will take place virtually on Wednesday 24 February at 10:30am and can be followed on Parliament TV.

Giving evidence will be:

  • Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Chairman at Lloyd’s of London

  • Julian Enoizi, Chief Executive at Pool Re

  • Huw Evans, Director General at Association of British Insurers

  • John Scott, Head of Sustainability Risk at Zurich Insurance Group

  • Professor Paula Jarzabkowski, Professor of Strategic Management at City’s Business School, City, University of London

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

  • How involved is the insurance industry in conversations surrounding resilience policy in the UK?

  • How should the government and the insurance industry cope with charity hazard and moral hazard?

  • What can be learnt from the insurance industry’s experience of the current pandemic?

  • How is the insurance industry managing the impact of longer-term risks, in particular climate change?

  • To what extent can insurance support more resilient behaviour and proactive risk reduction measures on the part of customers?

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