Leisure clubs and fitness professionals must cater to the nation’s new exercising habits and take their place building back healthier communities

by Anthony Franklin, CEO at member management platform, fibodo

Following the news that gyms can reopen in April at the earlierst, fibodo is urging the leisure industry to cater to Britons’ new-found exercise habits, or miss out on their place building a healthier nation, and future revenue streams that come with the new members.

Talking ahead of the reopening of physical fitness centres and the permitting of group sports, Anthony Franklin, CEO at leisure management platform, fibodo, said, “Lockdown restrictions over the past 12 months have forced gymgoers and fitness enthusiasts to form new habits, working out from home, in public spaces and online, via videos and live streams, and these habits will not disappear overnight. Therefore, savvy leisure centres and fitness professionals need to continue to develop their offerings to engage members who’ll return, and the masses who have been inspired and acquired by online fitness brands.

“Clubs, coaches and trainers must adopt this hybrid model in order to engage their members and communities at four points: on-demand training videos, off premises, on-premises (when permitted), and via live streaming. Offering this flexibility is vital, and clubs, coaches and trainers can create a new model membership to run alongside any existing member and client offers.

“By meeting fitness enthusiasts at the door of their new habits and regimes, trainers and clubs will become more relevant. For example, a localised digital content approach can be adopted which will keep local brands and their amazing teams, delivering motivation for their community – something which cannot be replicated by big fitness brands. This can be as simple as getting the community to book on to a live stream session, delivering it well and recording it to share with those who couldn’t make it.”

“Trainers and facilities need all the help they can get currently, with Government support falling short and many fitness businesses facing permanent closure if they don’t transform the way they work in the coming months. By updating their approach and bringing in
elements of digital transformation, clubs and trainers can future-proof their businesses and add additional revenue streams, improving their long term prospects in the community..”

“fibodo is committed to helping the UK Leisure industry build new habits of digital engagement, and to engage more members and their communities as the UK emerges into post-COVID operations.”

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