Gambling In Essex


The UK has a booming gambling scene. Today, the legal gambling industry is worth almost £16 billion British Pounds. It’s gambling market is one of the strongest gambling market’s in the world. Not only does it have small and large casinos, horse and dog racing tracks throughout, it is also legal to play games like the national lottery, bingo and scratch cards. In the last 15 years or so, online casinos have gained huge growth offering punters live casino 24 hours a day. 

Essex seems to be known globally for some of its locals appearing on reality tv shows. ‘’The Only Way is Essex’’, ‘’Big Brother’’, ‘’First Dates’’ and “Love Island” are a few shows that helped Essex gain this sometimes unwanted stereotype. Throughout the UK, an ‘’Essex Girl’’ is referred to a female from the area covered in makeup and fake tan, with a thick personality and of lower class. This is certainly not true with everybody you meet in the county. Most people in fact give a warm welcome and it is a great place to live, study and work. The bar, restaurant and nightlife scene is great for locals and tourists with plenty of tourist attractions and things to do. Although it might not be the Las Vegas Strip, it is possible to find some of the United Kingdom’s best casinos in Essex. 

Where Is The Gambling Scene In Essex?

Although you can find small casinos throughout the county of Essex, the main large casinos are located in the Southend-on-Sea. This area is known throughout the South East of England for a good night out gambling. Londoners or tourists can access Essex with ease by taking the train for just over an hour. The casinos are located near the seafront. London Stansted is around 15 miles away for those arriving from abroad who’d like to take advantage of what Essex has to offer. 

Can You Win Big At An Essex Casino?

Everybody has heard the expression ‘’the house always wins’’. However, for Mr. Paul Banbout earlier this year found out this wasn’t always the case. The 50 year oldwas in serious debt before entering The Maxims Casino in January. However, the lucky punter’s luck managed to turn when he entered a blackjack tournament in the Southendseafront casino. The competition was played simultaneously in 12 casinos throughout the United Kingdom. Banbout’s winnings came to a total of just over £200,000 British Pounds. Many of us can only dream of hitting such a jackpot. Many of the casinos here offer a live casino for its guests and competitions. Be sure to inquire to find out what times the live gaming begins as times vary with each casino.

The Current Situation With Casinos In Essex

It seems like this current ongoing pandemic due to Covid-19 has affected every industry. The traditional land based casino is not different. Casinos, bowling alleys and play centers were closed down earlier this year due to an attempt by the government to reduce the spread of the virus, however managed to re-open in mid August. However a curfew has been put in place, meaning they have to close their doors and all customers off the property by 10PM. If casinos don’t follow the new law put in place they are at risk of getting a hefty fine of £10,000. A fine that is the last thing a land-based casino would need after the lack of revenue generated in 2020. The casino scene does not seem to be like it once was since the spread of Covid-19. In Essex casinos, it is compulsory that punters wear face masks and are asked to practice social distancing with other customers and staff members. Unfortunately for these casinos, it has had a major decline on the amount of customers coming through their doors. With many deciding to gamble from home, with online casinos instead of taking a risk of contracting the virus or spreading to others at a traditional casino. The Essex casino industry has provided lots of work in the past for people such as dealers, security, cocktail waitresses and cleaners. Unfortunately, many people who rely on these casinos for work have been laid off. Only time will tell when or if the industry will go back to normal. 

Rendezvous Casino

This rather small but picturesque casino is located at the Eastern Esplanade. Although it’s known to guests and the local community as Rendezvous, the official name is The Rendezvous Casino at the Kursaal. You can enjoy slot machines, with the casino containing 20 machines. You can also take part in a game of three-card poker, blackjack, Punto Banco and Texas Holdem’. There are regularly Texas Holdem’ tournaments for those who want to test their skills. Cash tables are also available to guests. If you want a break from gambling the casino offers several bowling alleys. The casino often hosts some live bands and entertainment at their bars. Normally, the casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it might be worth inquiring about the current opening hours before heading down.

Genting Casino 

Located in Westcliff, you can find the Genting Casino. This is one of 40 casinos Genting owns throughout the UK and is the biggest operator of casinos in the land. The Genting Westcliff opened its doors in 1987, which makes it the area’s oldest remaining casino. Recently refurbished, this upmarket casino has proved as a great night out for its guests. Plenty of parking is available, with its free carpark containing 82 spaces for its customers. Opens daily from noon and closes at 5am. During the weekend their high class waterfront restaurant is open to bookings. On Sundays a traditional British roast dinner is an option for customers. 

Grosvenor Casino

Located between Rendezvous and The Genting, you’ll find Southend-on-Sea’s Grosvenor casino. The casino is situated in The Park Inn hotel which offers guests rooms in case you’re travelling from London or abroad. The casino also boasts a 24 hour sports bar. The bar has plenty of screens and offers pub grub and a wide selection of food, in case you’d like to take a break from gambling at the casino.

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