What Ancient Cultures Are Mostly Used as a Theme for Games?


Games have been around for as long as man existed. The historical aspect dates back to the era when man occupied the earth. Gaming was certainly part of the human culture as it formed a fundamental component of social engagement. The human mind is generally innovative; thus, the need to express creativity prompted the early man to develop games to transform imagination into activities. There were certain goals that the games sort to achieve, and among them was individual enjoyment, expression of fiction, and competition.

The early man also had some concern for posterity and created games as a form of transition where worldviews and ideas could be passed to the next generations. Games also acted as instruments for teaching young people since the latter group was able to develop numeracy and literacy skills. Consequently, games became a solid aspect of social and cultural bonding. The ancient concepts still apply today because they are relevant to the lives of the modern population.

Below are some of the ancient cultures that providers for casinos are still using to develop games in the present era:

Ancient Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egyptian Culture in Video Games

There are many slots that are based on Ancient Egyptian culture, yet they are taking the gaming industry by storm. Egypt has a rich culture with several traditional aspects that include the river Nile, Egyptian gods and goddesses, hieroglyphics, Cleopatra, the Pharaohs and the Egyptian pyramids. This country boasts of a phenomenal landscape, courtesy of the pyramids and natural resources.

These various things are the reasons why the Egyptian themes are very popular. First, Egyptian history has been long and enduring, and it is studied in schools. It has also been documented in books and manuscripts. The country is globally recognised, with most of its themes featured in films across the world. Egypt is also known for producing formidable personalities and leaders who have created pieces of art as well as written sagas.

Due to this influence, many game providers have developed themes around this culture to safeguard the legacy of these individuals. These games are full of adventure, as they will give you a tour of the country as you explore the palaces of the pharaoh, the desert landscape as well as the roaring Nile River.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Game

Some of the casino games that feature ancient Egyptian culture include the Crown of Egypt, Egyptian Rise, Pyramids of Giza, Book of Ra, Desert Cats and of course Egypt fans can play Сleopatra slot, among others. All the games have roughly the same bonus aspects and game symbols since they are drawn from traditional tools, instruments and infrastructural designs.

Ancient Greek Culture

Western civilisation stands today as a brainchild of the Greek culture, politics and philosophy. Today, gaming apps in western societies draw much of their inspiration from the Greek background. Many developers have identified Ancient Greece as a selling point, which is more viable than conventional science fiction that is applied in creating cartoon creatures.

The 21st century is awash with Greek mythology. Every part of the world today identifies with figures like Medusa, Aphrodite and Zeus. Even though the culture existed more than 2,000 years ago, the concepts are still relevant up to date. Ancient Greece is regarded as the mother of modern culture. Some of the features that have enhanced this longevity include a history of religion, a beautiful environment, stories of mighty gods and their supernatural powers.

It is not surprising that the alarm clock was invented in Greece. Besides, the aspect of democracy originated from this country. In order to pay tribute to these wonderful inventions, providers continue to create games that reflect such milestones. Apart from entertainment, the idea is to preserve this history whose value is unmatched.

The connection between Greek mythology and the development of western culture has amounted to lots of literature to expound on this relationship. Today, there are many books and films that feature Greek gods and figures like Plato and Aristotle. In order to inform more generations, providers are designing games to pass this history across several generations.

Apart from civilisation, ancient Greek culture bears themes of war and conquest. There were attempts to increase territorial influence where leaders declared war with other countries. This has been captured through various slots that bear battles with Greek gods, like Poseidon and Ares. Games of this kind have characters that are dressed in heavy military armour as they take up weapons to wager wars. In retaliation, there are other characters protecting Greek cities as well as Mount Olympus from invasion.

The Greek culture was also known for agriculture, business and architecture. Some of the current designs for buildings were invented in Greece. Some oldest towns have been featured in slots as symbols as well. If you log into some of the popular casinos, you will be treated to games that require you to simulate harvesting processes and win points. In some slots, you will be required to use some characters to put up architectural designs of cities equivalent to Athens.

 Hades: Gigablox Video Game

Examples of games with the ancient Greek theme include Hades: Gigablox, Greek Gods, Immortal City, Olympus Rising and Dawn of Titans, and many more.

Ancient Roman Culture

The Roman republic and the Roman Empire are not new to the gaming world as their culture has been extensively drawn into the gaming platform. The city of Rome was featured in documentaries, films and books. It is also known for great emperors and personalities like Julius Caesar, who expanded its vast territories through battles.

Among the outstanding features of the Roman culture is the architecture. The Roman emperors invested a lot of gold and resources in developing an empire that had state of the art buildings. Until today, architectural designs in modern buildings have taken some concepts from Rome. Slot developers have also grabbed the opportunity to launch top of the range games that reflect this perfect piece of art.

The Roman Empire was known for its material riches, both in monetary value as well as human resources. The territory excelled in business and agriculture, as well as warfare. Some of the cultural symbols that appear in games include grapes, coins, jewellery, the armour of gladiators and the images of the emperors. The most interesting slots feature helmets and chariots to depict the military strength that was synonymous with the Roman Empire. They are action-packed as players have to kill the opponents and represent the power of the emperors.

You cannot talk about Roman culture without mentioning the Colosseum, which was a famous landmark in the empire. This was a centre where Roman soldiers participated in gladiator battles, animal hunts and also executed enemies that were captured in the war.

Although these were events in the past, current slots depict these bloody battles as you engage in the games that are perfectly built with 3D animations. Some of the popular online slots include Call of the Colosseum, Roman Empire, Centurion, Game of Gladiators and Ave Caesar, etc.

Old Irish Culture

Ireland is a popular country when it comes to gaming. The cultural values have been sustained to the modern age, giving game developers a rich pool of ideas to create slots. If you are a serious gambler, you must have come across the phrase “luck of the Irish.” This is not a mere statement to express good fortune, as many would imagine. During the 19th century, the Irish-American diggers were lucky enough to find silver and gold during mining sessions. This was the origin of the phrase. Individuals with an Irish ancestry can understand this better.

There is something special about the green colour from the Irish perspective. It is the ultimate source of imagery, and many slots have been designed with this background. Ireland is generally green. Landmarks in the country include clovers, green hills and leprechauns, all of them appearing in this colour.

Away from the green colour, a tour through the country will reveal some other icons that include pots of gold and shamrocks. Because of the association with luck, providers have adopted the culture to develop games that will motivate players to subscribe. Even though there is nothing special about such slots, it is just a positive statement that will encourage one to spin those reels. A combination of the green graphics with an inspirational phrase is the perfect deal for any enthusiastic gamer. Games varieties with this theme include Golden Shamrock, Lucky Irish, Rainbow Riches, and Irish Eyes 2.

Final Word

The value of gaming was identified right from the beginning of time. Man is a social being, and that is why there are ancient cultures with gaming concepts. It is a perfect background upon which modern developers are creating more games and slots.

Besides entertainment, there is so much to learn while playing these slots. They feature reincarnations of the past, providing information about the ways of life that our ancestors adopted. Some of the aspects like warfare are documented in huge libraries that are difficult or expensive to access. With the availability of the gaming industry, one can gain meaningful information as they chase some fortunes.

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