Qualis Commercial opens its doors at its public exhibition in Epping


Over 200 people have already attended the first few days of Qualis Commercial’s six day public exhibition to provide feedback and comments on suggested proposals for its five sites in Epping Town Centre identified in the emerging Local Plan for redevelopment.

Following Covid guidelines, a steady flow of people have been viewing exhibition boards showing the outline development strategies for the five key sites. For those who are unable to attend in person, the boards are also on the consultation platform https://workingtogetherforepping.commonplace.is.

The draft Town Centre Strategy Report and draft Landscape and Public Realm Strategy Report are also available to view on the consultation platform, with the opportunity for people to comment on how they currently use Epping High Street and how it could be improved.

The Town Centre Strategy addresses the five development opportunities sites within and on the edge of Epping town centre while the Landscape and Public Realm Framework presents a series of initiatives and strategies for the High Street as part of the transformational change, economic uplift and future growth. Both reports form part of the public consultation process to enable the people of Epping to share views and comments in shaping their town.

The public exhibition is taking place at St John’s Church, St John’s Road, Epping and runs until 1pm on Saturday 12th September.

Following the exhibition, information from both the event and the consultation platform https://workingtogetherforepping.commonplace.is will be used to inform the designs further development. Once further detailed plans are available these will be updated onto the consultation platform and a second exhibition will be held in the Autumn, giving further opportunity to comment, prior to the planning applications being submitted.

Qualis Commercial’s suggested proposals show new homes being built around green spaces on the St Johns Road site, the Conder Building and car park at The Civic Centre and the Epping Sports Centre sites, with the Bakers Lane site being used specifically for a new leisure centre including a new swimming pool and Cottis Lane site providing car parking and other uses such as retail, offices, a new cinema and hotel to complement the established High Street. The location of these new facilities will potentially also create increased footfall to the High Street and generate a real energy for the walkable town centre.

Epping High Street remains the civic heart of the District as it has been for decades and will continue to be so. Qualis Commercial will deliver quality sites that are considerate of the heritage of the area and create cohesive communities, but unlike other developers who keep any profits made, Qualis will reinvest profits back to Epping Forest District Council so that they can continue to develop council housing, keep council tax low and deliver the quality services that residents deserve.

To have your say please visit – https://workingtogetherforepping.commonplace.is

The exhibition** runs from Monday 7th September to Friday 11th September from 10am to 4pm and Saturday 12th September from 10am to 1pm.

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