6 Reasons Why Rescuing A Dog Is One Of The Most Fulfilling Things You Can Do


There are lots of things that might attract someone towards pet ownership. For some, the goal is companionship; others are looking for the sense of duty and routine that a pet can introduce into their lives. Dogs are the most popular pets in the UK[1] and many of us know someone with their own canine companion. However, if you think that dog ownership is for you, you should seriously consider adopting a rescue dog. Here are just six reasons that rescuing a dog is a fulfilling experience.

Save A Dog’s Life

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a rescue dog over a newborn puppy is that when you adopt a rescue dog, you are quite often literally saving their lives. Dogs end up in rescue shelters for a variety of different reasons. Some of them come from extremely troubled backgrounds, while others are the pets of owners who have passed away. In any case, if a home cannot be found for these dogs, then there is a real chance that they will ultimately be put down.

By swooping in before this happens and adopting a rescue dog for yourself, you are saving it from this potential fate. Better still, you can strive to give the dog the best life possible and do much more than just keeping it alive.

It will Teach You Responsibility

Other than having children, taking on responsibility for an intelligent animal like a dog is one of the most significant undertakings a person can undertake. It is impossible to successfully look after a pet without developing a strong sense of responsibility. If you don’t stay on top of all of your dog’s needs properly, it can ultimately cost your pet their health.

This is a significant challenge at the best of times, but when you are dealing with a rescue dog it is even more important that you take responsibility for them. Rescue dogs are more likely to come from troubled backgrounds and have behavioural difficulties, which means that you might need to invest more in training and controlling them[2].

You also need to take responsibility for ensuring that their basic needs are met. This means making sure that you always have a steady supply of dog food and that you are able to make the time to exercise them properly.

You will also need to stay on top of things like pet insurance. If your dog becomes sick or injured, then having insurance cover in place can help to cover some of the associated costs. You can use a service like Everypaw to find the right dog insurance policy and get a better idea of what the dog insurance cost will be for your rescue dog.

Don’t Fund Poor Quality Breeders

When you adopt a rescue pet, it is only natural to feel good about having done something positive. However, if you thought that the benefits of adopting a rescue dog ended with the pet itself, think again. By choosing to rescue a dog instead of supporting a commercial breeding operation, you can support rescue centres, rather than running the risk of supporting a poor quality breeder.

While puppy farms are now illegal in the UK[3], they still exist, with some breeders housing their animals in shocking conditions. These so-called puppy mills are notorious for the detrimental impact that they have on animal welfare[4] and should always be resisted. When you choose to rescue a dog from a shelter, you can be certain that you are not in any way feeding into this system. In fact, you will be doing the exact opposite – you will be supporting a very worthwhile cause.

Adopt An Adult Dog

While having a puppy can be great, it is not for everyone. Some people simply do not have a lifestyle that is conducive to raising a puppy from infancy to maturity. For these people, buying a full-grown dog is more difficult than many people realise.

However, most rescue shelters carry both newborn puppies and full-grown dogs. This enables you to choose what age you want your adopted dog to be and, therefore, gives you some control over the amount of work and difficulty involved in looking after it.

Set A Good Example For Your Children

If you are looking for a dog as a family pet instead of a personal pet for yourself, choosing to adopt a rescue dog enables you to set the very best example possible for your children. By choosing a rescue dog, you can teach your children a number of valuable life lessons[5], including the sanctity of life itself. Showing them that there is value in opting for a potentially damaged animal like a rescue dog is a great way of teaching them that sometimes it is worth putting in more effort in the name of the greater good.

Of course, once you have chosen a rescue dog and brought them home, the actual process of looking after them is also a great way of teaching kids about responsibility. Even if the dog that you adopt is more challenging than usual, taking in any rescue dog and making them a part of your family is always a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Give Yourself A New Lease On Life

There are some serious benefits[6] to your own emotional and physical health that come with pet ownership. Owning a dog enables you to experience all of these in spades. Not only is owning a dog a fantastic way of encouraging you and your family to be more active in your daily lives, but it also provides you and your family with long-term companionship for your pet.

Many people who feel that their own lives are beginning to stagnate and that they need something to give them a sense of purpose have found that the addition of a dog to the family is just the thing they need.

Taking on the responsibilities of a dog owner isn’t a decision that you should make lightly, but it can also be one of the most rewarding things that you ever decide to do. If you think that dog ownership is for you then make sure you give serious thought to adopting a rescued dog in need.

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