Search launched to local find unsung heroes


The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has launched a search to find and celebrate our local unsung heroes, from the local shopkeeper, the volunteering neighbours, to the heroic NHS on the frontline.

Whilst lockdown has forced most of us to stay home, some extraordinary people have been going out, or doing what they can from home, to work hard and look after the rest of the nation and to keep us going during these unprecedented times.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience wants to say thank you to those who have made a difference and supported the country during this pandemic. If you know someone deserving, you can nominate them and show your appreciation for their hard work and efforts.

As well as saying thank you and recognising all they’ve done as an unsung hero, the winners will be rewarded free entry to play in the Manchester or London maze with their friends and family and also get a crystal to take home.

To nominate your hero, head to Facebook or Instagram and simply tag them and explain why they’re a hero in the comments.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is now one of London and Manchester’s top interactive attractions and it sees teams go head-to-head during a dash through the Maze’s Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic adventure zones.

Contestants must complete a series of challenges against the clock before entering the iconic Crystal Dome, where the aim is to catch as many golden tokens as possible to bag a spot on the leaderboard.

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