Local Agency Shout About Launch New Campaign for London Venues


Having debuted their meanwhile use property scheme last year, creative events agency Shout About have launched a new campaign for 2020, #SaveOurNightlife.

As many beloved clubs and late-night venues continue to close, taking with them glorious memories, and slowly leaving the city with a monotonous drawl of chain outlets, Shout About are on a mission to proliferate the independent venue. Having signed the lease to the ground and lower ground floor of The Laundry Building in East London last week, the creative agency is voracious in its quest, with the team already in talks with a handful of landlords across the city, negotiating terms to keep London’s Indy scene alive!

“We live, sleep, and breathe London, so it only felt right that we aspire to keep the cultural heart of our city beating with our new initiative” – Ben Gamble, Head of Agency, Shout About.

Taking the decision in 2019 to expand their company vision by acquiring a number of venues all over the capital, Shout About are looking to grow their property network exponentially by the end of this year.

“We have a real passion for reactivating forgotten/unused spaces and turning them into a thriving hub of engagement, maximising revenue and PR, whilst minimising disruption. For our clients, it’s about giving their brand something different, helping them stand out amongst their competitors!” – Ben Gamble, Head of Agency, Shout About.

Ones to watch for 2020, the creative events agency is dedicated to becoming the artery for cool and unique venues throughout the city. Just last week Shout About announced the launch of Minus One – a multi-purpose events space in the heart of East London.

A raw, live performance and event space dominating the basement of The Laundry Building close to London Fields, Minus One is perfectly aligned with the creative agency’s focus to promote future hubs of London. Having acquired the ground and lower ground floor areas of the building, before the property is eventually demolished for redevelopment, Shout About will keep the cultural space alive through immersive events, club nights and local enterprise initiatives.

Staying true to the ethos of the company, Head of Agency, Ben Gamble adds “We are always looking to support the industry by creating affordable event spaces for experiential businesses to operate from, and this was too good an opportunity to give up.”

Last year saw Shout About engage on a number of locations, including Sun Street – a short-term premium raw site, offering 30,000 sq. ft. of untapped event space. Utilising their contacts, this vast property was quickly snapped up to became the home of immersive event The Wolf of Wall Street. In addition, conscientious landlord Landid engaged with Shout About to activate its Tower Bridge Court property for events and charitable initiatives through their “worthwhile use” program. A vast 68,000 sq. ft. space, the venue played host to a number of projects, including the Lord Mayor’s Car Free Day last September.

Harnessing their core values; creativity, culture, and collaboration, Shout About are devoted to creating a ‘beating heart’ for any location, injecting a positive vibe, whilst making use of London’s vast array of empty spaces.i

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