Joker and Downton Abbey The Movie available IN 4K HDR ON RAKUTEN TV THIS JANUARY


Rakuten TV cheers up your post-Christmas blues with a selection of the very best new releases, available in 4K HDR and free Hollywood movies, all at the click of a button on your Smart TV.

All the very best new releases are coming to the new releases section of Rakuten TV next year. The dark and gripping drama, Joker comes to your screens, depicting the Joker himself like never before, and leaving audiences torn between pity and repulsion. What will you make of him? Downton Abbey The Movie is also available, so allow yourselves to be transported back to the 1920s and help the beloved Crawley family prepare for the most important moment of their lives – a Royal visit! Watch as the tensions rise, dramas unfold, and chaos ensues just before the visit – will they pull it off?

Also available in 4K HDR is the captivating Judy, starring Renée Zellweger who brings to light the real truth of America’s sweetheart through her depiction of Judy Garland. The film takes audiences on a raw, honest and heart-breaking journey as they watch Judy’s last sell-out tour in London, and come to understand more than ever than fame and stardom does certainly not guarantee happiness. Additionally, if you’re looking to kick off January with a bang, the snappy, female, ball-busting cast of Hustlers will help you to do so. Watch as the women, played by an all-star cast of the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, navigate their way around wealthy wall-street bankers, and devise a cunning plan to triple their profits when the economic collapse hurts their earnings.

All this and more available in 4K HDR.on Rakuten TV this January, so curl up on the sofa and rid yourself of those January blues by binge watching the must-see movies you missed last year!

January releases:



IT: Chapter Two (4K HDR)

30TH December 

Hustlers (4K HDR)

6th January

Animals (4K HDR)

6th January

Ad Astra (4K HDR)

11th January

Downton Abbey The Movie (4K HDR)

13th January

The Farewell (4K HDR)

13th January

Rambo: Last Blood (4K HDR)

13th January

The Goldfinch (4K HDR)

20th January

Judy (4K HDR)

25th January

Joker (4K HDR)

27th January


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