Great British public invent Christmas horror film


To celebrate Friday the 13th falling dangerously close to Christmas, Ralph have created a film for Amazon Prime Video’s social channels which required the Great British Public to become movie moguls.

Plot suggestions began innocently enough, setting it at Christmas with a nice wholesome family. But then things escalated quickly when one contributor insisted on a Giant Evil Santa ruining things for everyone using milk & cookies and razor wire tinsel as his weapons.

Ralph curated the plot from the creative people of Spitalfields Market who held *nothing* back. Then Ralph shot the trailer for the movie – complete with a massive evil Santa and your typical British family that love everything about Christmas.

Step into the cinematic minds of our street movie pitchers by watching the finished trailer here and here

You’ll never see milk & cookies in the same way again.

The video is live from Friday 13th December across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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