Local Entrepreneur Zack Smith goes from strength to strength with his Essex Event Crewing business


Zack Smith is a man of many talents, the Essex youngster has wasted no time establishing himself as one to watch on the local scene.

As a teenager Smithy as his charms called him back then was a socialite, model and event promoter – now fast-forward to 2019, Smith dons a new look and is now a driven entrepreneur running his own business.

Smith now runs Essex Event Crewing, the successful local business arranges a series of events and they work with leading festivals, brands, artists and bands such as Little Mix, Spice Girls, Elton John who have all had concerts at the O2 Arena.

We caught up with Zack for a quick chat:

Q. Zack, firstly let’s talk about your new look, how has the new hair and look been received?

A. Honestly I was quite nervous about trying out the shorter hair but the feedback I’ve had has been amazing, I feel so confident in myself now.

Q. From a business point of view, how is everything going?

A. Things have been moving so fast in business, I have had to adapt to accommodate the growth of Essex Event Crewing, now we work with major brands and festivals it’s important that I now make greater corporate decisions to benefit the business.

Thank you Zack for talking to us!

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