Fun ways to get active with your pooch this autumn


Keeping active is an important part of our lives, but we often struggle to find the time, especially as the nights draw in. We also know how important it is to keep our dogs fit and healthy, but if you’re struggling to exercise yourself, then it’s nearly impossible to keep your dog active too. Don’t fret though, manufacturers of natural pet supplement YuMOVE, have thought of a few ways dog owners can combine these efforts to benefit both you and your four-legged friend.

Beach walks
Wrapping up warm and taking a trip to the beach is a great way to get yourself and your dog some exercise. With the sand, waves and toys to play fetch with, your pooch will have a great time. And running on the beach is a great way for you to build your strength and muscle, with your dog having the best time alongside you.

Afterall, with summer over and the sunbathers gone, now is the time for dogs to reclaim the beaches! Do be aware that not all beaches allow dogs, so check out which ones do before you plan your visit.

Take a dip
Most dogs love to swim and letting them play in the water on a walk is a great way for them to keep active. Swimming is good for their whole body as it involves cardio and has great muscle benefits. Most dogs are natural swimmers and can pick it up very quickly, so letting them play in a stream or river can be great fun for them and for you to watch. Why not add a ball into the mix and play fetch in the water?

Always keep an eye on your dog whether you’re swimming in a pool, the sea or any body of water, as some dogs may find it more difficult to swim than others. If your dog is new to swimming, then a life jacket can be a good idea to start. Also, in these colder months, be wary of the temperature of the water. Most dogs will decide for themselves if the water is too cold, but always keep your dog away from any frozen water.

Obstacle course
If you want to exercise your dog while simultaneously training them, then an obstacle course or other dog sports are the ideal choice. This activity can be as simple as setting up an indoor agility course with household items or in your garden. Teaching your pup to overcome the obstacles is a great way for them to get some exercise while at the same time, challenging them mentally. You’ll also get a great workout running alongside your dog while they train.

Take a hike!
If you want to mix up the routine and make a change to your usual dog walk while getting in touch with nature, then hiking might be perfect for you and your pooch. A day out on an autumn ramble can be great fun for the whole family to enjoy nature alongside your furry friend. A nature walk will give your dog the chance to explore new places and discover fresh smells – especially with all the leaves falling and changing of seasons. You’ll all get some exercise from running up dirt trails, climbing over obstacles and clambering through streams.

When you first start hiking be sure to begin on easy routes with shorter distances, so you and your dog can both get used to the terrain. Once you feel you are ready, go for those tougher trails and really test both you and your dog – you’ll definitely start to see the benefits.

Supplementing your pet
If you want your pet to get the most out of their exercise and help keep them active, then consider giving your dog a supplement which will help their joints and mobility. YuMOVE is a joint supplement which works to soothe any stiffness and help support your dog’s joints.

The all-natural ingredients, including the unique ActiveEase® Green Lipped Mussel, provide a super concentrated source of Omega 3 fatty acids which aids the body’s own anti-inflammatory process to soothe stiff joints. Helping your pooch keep moving for longer.

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