Essex insurance broker Ascend Broking goes from strength to strength


Essex insurance broker, Ascend Broking, has added a new division to its award-winning brokerage, less than two-and-a-half years after opening its doors for business.

Chelmsford-based Ascend Executive is now managing the insurance needs of high net worth clients seeking comprehensive and tailored protection, insight-filled financial advice and planning, and on-point wealth maintenance and growth strategies.

The award-winning insurance team, established in 2017, which has two prestigious Commercial Insurance Awards to its name as well as a further 12 finalist shortlistings, has now developed a specialist business division, focusing solely on the requirements of extremely wealthy clients.

Ascend Executive should become the first port of call for anyone seeking high-value home business and contents cover, specialist marine insurance products, and protection for luxury cars, ranging from high-performance and prestige, to classic and collectors’ vehicles.

With access to an array of policies for those living a life less ordinary, Ascend Executive can protect the items associated with affluent lifestyles – jewellery, antiques, art collections, holiday homes and luxury yachts, speed boats and catamarans being just some examples.

Additionally, it can equip wealthy clients with relevant and much-needed cyber protection, whilst also offering their businesses the same sort of robust cover that their personal property will enjoy.

Through a partnership with another high-calibre business – Jarrovian Wealth – Ascend Executive is also able to offer its clients financial planning, wealth management, Trust and Estate planning, and life and medical insurance, in one seamless service delivery process. Many high-end and successful firms might often prefer to find partners by looking at different accounting practice sales or other modes of acquisition, to enable the firm’s expansion and inclusion of a plethora of interconnected services. While enabling the firm to dip into different markets, this can also help attract a larger clientele. Further, it can act as an advantage for the clients as well, by allowing them to find many solutions without having to approach different companies.

Jarrovian Wealth was adjudged one of the top 100 financial planning businesses in the UK last year, by New Model Adviser magazine. Its ethos is to help clients plan and achieve their desired lifestyles, then maintaining and protecting these no matter what challenges life presents.

With this comprehensive package of services for affluent clients, Ascend Broking has acquired a new dimension, but one that continues to be backed by carefully selected insurers and a cutting-edge, award-winning claims service.

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