• On To CamNhi Vol.1, Cao Son Nguyen explores multiple themes, employs a variety of ballad styles, and stays true to his exemplary style to create an impressive single.

The wait is finally over as the brand new single from Cao Son Nguyen, To CamNhi Vol.1, is finally out for listeners to enjoy. Having been an integral part of the scene for the larger part of the last few years, he has made it as an old-but-gold songs and amazed by thousands of listeners.

Over the years Cao Son Nguyen has steadily risen through the ranks while creating beautiful classics like “Ballade Disney Piano Theme”, “Piano Cover Collection Vol.1” in 2012, and “my gf’s fav vol.1”. Now, the storied artist released his single, To CamNhi Vol.1. The 2 tracks LP reflects his growth as a musician but remains true to the sound he’s built for himself.

Thematically, To CamNhi Vol.1 taps into different relationship tropes that many listeners will immediately relate to. Essentially, On the album, Cao Son tells multiple stories by combining motifs with his signature sound. To CamNhi Vol.1 is a fitting title for this body of work, the elements present in the album lift the reader to a new state of mind after a thorough listen through. There’s something for everyone in this album and the quality of production makes the wait well worth it.

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Cao Son’s production style is sublime and dreamy and To CamNhi Vol.1 reflects his classic sound.

The lead-off track “Perfect” is a warm welcome to the single. The slow-building track is complete the piano element, drawing you into the journey that’s about to unfold. Pairing with the theme of the album, it’s setting up the marriage. Not to mention the quick yet grand progressive drop is reflective of Cao Son Nguyen’s traditional musical recipe.

“Thinking Out Loud” is another notable track that embodies vintage Cao Son. The pace of the track is a tad faster and the ultimate drop aligns with more big room influence. It’s an epic track that’s ideal for a live setting.

To CamNhi Vol.1 is a sharply crafted body of work that elates the listener through its positive themes and resplendent melodies.

Cao Son took his time to lift this album to its full potential. The 8-minute total run time of the single is polished with messages of love and acceptance. He did a great job accomplishing multiple difficult feats in the same release. This single is ready to go for the main stage and it can almost definitely improve the mood of whoever the listener is.

Cao Son Nguyen has grown into an artist capable of releasing top-tier work from a diverse array of genres without comprising his original identity. To CamNhi Vol.1 represents a new chapter in Cao Son’s career, he’s only going up from here.

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