Travelodge on a mission to get parents in Essex back to work


Travelodge, one of Essex’s biggest hotel chains, today launches the next phase of its parents recruitment programme, targeting the region’s mums and dads looking to get back into work – as schools reopen this week.

The hotel chain, which operates 567 hotels across the UK, is looking to fill 1,500 jobs across the UK, including 70 jobs across Essex with flexible hours that fit around the school run, a supporting work buddy and access to management training.

Travelodge launched its bespoke parents recruitment programme in January 2019, in a bid to help the UK’s 2 million plus unemployed parents into hospitality with the pledge of 3,000 jobs.

The company received a record 45,000 job applications for this initial phase and was overwhelmed by parents welcoming reaction to its new recruitment programme. All positions have been filled.

As schools around the county reopen this week for the new academic year, Travelodge is kick starting the next phase of its parents recruitment programme and is seeking parents who want to return to work. The company is looking to fill 1,500 jobs across its UK hotels, head office and at its forthcoming new hotel openings this year which includes a 113-room hotel with on-site restaurant in Beckton and a 78-room hotel in Dagenahm.

The other hotel openings are in Edinburgh, Rochester and Sittingbourne.

Positions include: Hotel Manager, Assistant Hotel Manager, Receptionist, Bar Café Team Member, Supervisor, and Housekeeping Team Member, as well as support roles at head office.

All jobs offer guaranteed hours and comprehensive benefits including 50% discounts on hotel stays – great for those family staycations!  New colleagues will also be eligible to join the company’s in-house management programme called ‘Aspire’ which offers comprehensive training on hotel management. This can help new entry-level team members get into a management role at Travelodge within a year of joining the company, offering significant salary and development progression.

To help design its parents recruitment programme Travelodge consulted its 11,000 strong workforce as over 50% are parents. In addition the company commissioned a study with YouGov to gain further insight into the challenges unemployed mums and dads are facing.

Key findings revealed that 86% of unemployed parents would like to return to work. However 59% of parents reported that the scarcity of jobs with flexibility around the school run was the biggest challenge to finding work.

Six out of ten (61%) unemployed parents reported that they have lost their confidence whilst staying at home to raise a family and are apprehensive of returning to work.

Further findings revealed that 41% of parents are eager to work in order to regain their personal identity and not be labelled just a parent. In addition 31% of unemployed parents reported that they are bored at home and want to work in order to exercise their mind and learn new skills.

More than a quarter (26%) of adults reported that they want to work because they miss adult conversation.

Nearly seven out of ten (67%) unemployed parents reported that they would appreciate the opportunity to climb the career ladder whilst raising their family.

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