COLUMN: Darren Selkus “I only got involved in politics to get us out of the EU”


BY Darren Selkus || The Brexit Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Epping Forest

Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party will put “country before party” and support Boris Johnson & the Conservative Party in a General Election to take us out of the EU with a clean Brexit.

I only got involved in politics this year joining the Brexit Party as a supporter on the 1st May. 10 days later after serious consideration I applied to be a Brexit Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. I was interviewed 24th June, selected on 26th June and on stage with Nigel Farage as a PPC just 4 days later.

I don’t see myself as a politician and have no intention of ever becoming a career politician. I’m just a member of the public and one of the 17.4m that couldn’t sit back and watch the people and their vote being ignored so put my busy life on hold to do whatever I could to help restore democracy.

I am fully behind Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party’s decision to support the Conservatives in a General Election and will happily stand down once guarantees of Boris Johnson’s intention to leave the EU with a clean Brexit are confirmed. I only got involved in Politics to get us out of the EU and once that is achieved will have accomplished my personal mission.

But that will not be the end of the Brexit Party. Politics is broken and political reform is needed. The damage caused by MPs not representing their constituents and holding their own self inflated opinions above those who elected them is unacceptable and can not go unchallenged. The Brexit Party will contest seats in the General Election where the people have nobody to represent their views. Where a Labour Leave voter can not support the Conservatives or Labour due to policy or Brexit intention we will be there to represent them and give them a democratic choice. We will also contest any other seat where we feel the people are left without a suitable candidate to vote for.

Are the people happy with politics …. NO
Are the people happy with career politicians … NO
Are the people happy with a so called Parliamentary Democracy where the MP they elect doesn’t represent them …. NO

The Brexit Party are here for good and will #changepoliticsforgood

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