CHELSEA SINGH Exclusive: International DJ & Producer tells all in candid chat


Chelsea Singh is an international DJ and Producer hailing from London, he has enjoyed a fruitful 2019 which has seen him DJ in countries around the world including a private set aboard a £50m yacht in Monaco – we sat down with him to find out how everything is going and to get an exclusive first glimpse at his 2020 plans.

Q. Chelsea, how has 2019 been treating you so far?
This year has been a really busy year for me, next year seems like it will be even busier. Lovin’ life that’s all I can say! Bless

Q. Through your DJiing you’ve have travelled the world, talk to us about some of the places you’ve been to?
Yes I’ve been travelling up and down the country playing and headlining most events! In November I will be playing at Resonate again for two top chaps Paul and Dan back at the Kings Head in East London. Recently I was in Halifax Yorkshire playing for Rockstar parties.

I’m off to Sweden this week to play there. I’m just recently back from Tenerife playing on the Ibiza Boat party. In December I’m back up North to play in Manchester for the Winterfest in Salford.

In January I’m off to play in Peru for the full moon parties for Organica Gathering which I’m really looking forward to. Exciting stuff is just going on.

Besides this I’ve been producing music and have a few tracks coming out in about eight weeks’ time on Sure Player Recordings a track called Sarangi which me and Andy Galea produced.

Q. You have a new project you are working on with some big names – what can you tell us about this?

I could drop a lot of big names that I’m collaborating with in 2020 but I would rather you wait and see – 2020 we are going to take-off. One name I am working with that’s already out there is Booker T, Booker T was always an inspiration for me so to be working alongside him is just incredible!

Q. What’s the plan for 2020?
Plans for 2020 are simple – keep on producing and hit out to other continents to play like South Africa and play more gigs in South America.

Watch out I’m looking to collaborate with other top producers and DJ’s like Booker T who is an absolute legend by the way, Next year is going to be a mad year where it should all blow up!

Keep any eye out for my new track which should be dropping soon on iTunes and Spotify and across 200 other platforms! My other bookings confirmed for 2020 include Marbella and a DJ gig in New York for April. Things are looking good…

Q. Is there anything else you want to add Chelsea?

Yes, I have been working behind the scenes a few months with a brand that will be hitting London soon. These guys know how to throw a party. The Music, the DJs, the people, the atmosphere, and the eyecatching production is something else! We have even invested in some amazing new dj equipment to ensure that our tracks get everyone dancing all night long! I cannot wait to get back behind the decks.

Will update you on the Venue & Date shortly get ready! London get ready. Dates and venue to be released soon we coming at ya me and my crazy partners! ????#DJLIFE

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