New Peptide Shows Promise in Helping With Arthritis, Bodybuilding, Gut & Wound Healing


Peptides are starting to enter the field of mainstream medical treatment. As they can potentially be used to treat a variety of medical maladies, scientists are starting to study their effects with a vigor that superfoods like kale and avocado enjoyed just a few years ago.

Peptides are short proteins that are comprised of a few amino acids stringing them together. While their effectiveness has only been studied on animals, the results are encouraging, and compounds will likely soon see trials on human subjects.

One peptide in particular, known as BPC-157, has undergone animal experimentation and shown quality results for helping both health problems and sports performance. This compound is technically synthetic, meaning it is not naturally occurring in nature, and is instead derived from a longer string of proteins. It is known by several names, including PL 14736, PL 10, and Bepecin, which is probably what it will be known as in the future.

The peptide has been found to help repair wounds and tissues, meaning that it could be an important way to speed along healing in all parts of the body, including muscles, internal organs, and even your brain. As is, no side effects or toxicity has been reported in any of the animal studies conducted so far.

Treating soft tissue injuries is typically a difficult proposition, as there is little one can do besides avoiding any exacerbation of the injury. This typically means rest, relaxation, and some anti-inflammatories for dealing with any pain. Sometimes CBD oil is used to target all three of the issues listed beforehand and often has a good success rate. However, there’s no guarantee soft tissue wounds will fully heal, leaving a tender spot on your body. BPC-157 can help speed this healing process along, and make results for satisfying. A series of studies conducted on rats investigated BPC-157’s effect on tendon injuries. Compared to rats that weren’t treated with the compound, rats that were exposed to the peptide had significantly better results. Arthritis is something else which could be improved with this peptide, as animal studies have shown the slowing down of arthritis and in some cases, the complete reversal of it.

Gut health is another area where the peptide could have positive effects. The compound was found to help repair lesions and other forms of direct injury to stomach lining, by building new cells and blood vessels to replace those damaged by injury. The peptide was also found to help further protect gut lining from external factors like Tylenol, which can damage the stomach lining and increase the risk of ulcers if taken in excess.

Bodybuilding is yet another thing that can be improved with this peptide. Supplements that aid muscle development can be found on the Ceasar Boston website with overviews on products like SARMs. As anyone who has undergone weight lifting and strength training is familiar with, one of the hardest things about beginning to workout is the recovery between sessions. A lot of people may find that organic protein powder can help to take some of the pressure off their initial workout, especially if it’s positively contributing to their weight management throughout. But that still doesn’t say that you won’t experience some side-effects during your recovery phase. Soreness and muscle tears can be common, and if the pain is severe enough it can discourage you from continuing your bodybuilding journey. BPC-157 could potentially help to rebuild damaged muscle tissue in humans, though no human studies have yet been conducted. Luckily, there are supplements such as this hgh supplement as well as others that can help the body repair while resting itself after weight lifting sessions. However, it is still important to do research into what is needed to help your body progress, heal and develop.

As is, there isn’t enough information to fully recommend BPC-157 to humans. It’s recommended that you wait until human studies have been completed before self-administering the substance, as we don’t know if there could be harmful effects like toxicity in people. However, studies so far are very encouraging, and this peptide and others like it could prove a miracle cure of sorts for those suffering from any of the conditions we covered today.

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