Professor Green raps in whispers to celebrate launch of new podcast


Today, as part of a Fuze Tea’s latest podcast series ‘Mind Tingles’, leading rapper Professor Green has shared insight into how he manages to maintain balance and enjoy some me-time in his life, as well as treating listeners to an ASMR inspired rap, whispering the lyrics to his hit song Photographs.

Experiencing ASMR himself for the first time, Professor Green reveals how he deals with a busy lifestyle – from surrounding himself with the right people now he’s older, to enjoying the things that gave him joy as a child.

Interviewed by leading ASMRtist Whispers Red, as part of Fuze Tea’s ‘Calm The Commute’ campaign, which aims to offer listeners a little me-time on the go, the podcast explores sensations created by the popular trend ASMR, offering tips and tricks for listeners to allow a chance to relax during a busy day.


Commenting on his involvement with the Fuze Tea podcast, Professor Green says: “I didn’t grow up in a calm environment, so as I’ve got older, I’ve always felt like I need calmness around. For me, it’s about working out the right amount of ‘nothing’ to do, because if I do too little or too much, it has an adverse effect. We’re creatures of excess, but as I’ve got older, I’ve started to make better decisions about what I do with my time and who I spend it with.


“My me-time can sometimes be as simple as putting my headphones on in the back of a car full of people, closing my eyes and taking a moment to myself. Being able to focus on one task at hand such as exercise or walking the dog and getting out amongst nature is important.”

The final episode of the podcast will be released in two weeks and will feature radio DJ Clara Amfo. Listeners can also hear the first episode with Daisy Lowe by searching ‘Fuze Tea’ on all popular podcast apps.

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