What can you do when somebody owes you money?


When you think of Professional Debt Collectors or Debt Collection Agencies, you tend to associate them with banks, building societies or other financial organisations but that could not be further from the truth. In modern day Britain, it is very much different and Private Debt can occur whenever a Business or Individual loans money to somebody else or provides goods or services. Sometimes, debt can be related to property and money being owed regarding housing. Working with Equity Experts Debt Collector service, and many other online services that can help, you can fully understand the situation that you’re in.

Money can be owed for a personal loan given or for goods and services that were given to another party on the promise of payment at a given time. If that promise is not met, then many people are turning to professional debt collectors to help them. This is often one of the best things to do, especially if the person has been waiting for this repayment for a long time. By contacting professionals, people can stand a better chance of getting their money back. Professionals are experienced in negotiating recovery of debt, so people should be able to receive a repayment. This method is done legally too, so the process is safe.

If a somebody decides that they don’t want to pay you back, is there anything you can do?

Yes, there most certainly is! A reputable, licensed firm of Professional Debt Collectorscan help and will assess the situation for you. One such Company known for it pragmatic specialism in this field is Frontline Collections.

However, a Professional Debt Collection Agency will only be able to act on your behalf where there is evidence to support the debt.

Whenever an agreement is made regarding financial compensation of one person to another, always ensure it is documented. Whilst verbal contracts are said to be as good as written, when it comes to the question of proving it, it is a different story. is made is to document it.

A simple preventative measure is to always document any loan, goods or services provided to another and when the expected payment is to be made. For example, if you’ve taken out a loan with Happy Loan in Calgary, you will be given a document explaining how much you’ve borrowed and when the payment will be made. This prevents any misunderstandings and any reliable loan company should do this too. If they don’t, you should avoid them.

Put any financial arrangements in Writing

Probably the most important thing when lending any money or providing services in lieu of payment is to document an agreement you are making down on paper. In terms of lending somebody money, this is often the only form of evidence that a agreed loan of money has taken place.

The document will need to be signed by both parties and will outline any agreed repayment schedules and dates.

For Businesses and the provision of services, it is slightly different. Very often there will be pre-existing terms on which an order for goods and services is made. It is always advisable to get a signature agreeing to your terms where possible. This prevents any ambiguity when it comes to getting paid.

Never be afraid to ask for payment. If you are a business owner that is struggling to get paid for goods/services then a specialized Business Debt Collection Agency can be an absolute godsend for you. Award-Winning Federal Management are considered to be the leaders in this field and offer free advice to Businesses that are faced with unpaid invoices. If you need legal help collecting payments owed then check with your local law firm to see what you can work out to get the money you are overdue for back to you and your business.

Scheduled Payment time has been missed – What next?

Firstly, deal with any approach for payment in a calm manner. If you enter any dialogue in an aggressive manner then it is more likely to aggrieve the person that owes you money. The last thing you want is for the relationship to become untenable. Politely request them to pay you what is owed in tune with any arrangements made.

If a verbal approach does not remedy the missed payment then it is a great idea to put your request for payment in writing. Again, politely remind the debtor of their obligations for payment, setting a deadline.

Logging and saving copies of any communications demonstrates the steps taken and can be used to legally validate the debt in the eyes of the law.

Consider Reaching a Compromise Agreement

If you feel that compassion is the best route then you can amend the original arrangement with either a reduced amount or a change in the payment time frame that better suits their circumstances. Of course, there will be instances where all attempts at soliciting payment are ignored and that is when it is definitely time to enlist the services of Professionals.

Seek Professional Help

Should there be an impasse and all attempts at reasonable dialogue fail then do not hesitate to use a reputable Debt Collection Agency. They can act on your behalf and this can occur without the need for expensive lawyers or hefty legal fees.

Debt Collection Professionals are not just limited to helping small businesses, they also provide a valuable service to individuals that are owed monies.

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