Tact Watch, New Fashion Aids Taking Best Instagram Selfie Photos


The internet has changed the way people view tactical training and it’s gear. Some fashions such as the outdoor black boots have become heavily stylish. Designers used them for inspiration of footwear now on high fashion runways from France down to South Africa. The �tact light,’ tactical flashlight, was the rage of the internet last year. Now, the �tact watch’ is becoming popular and the tech for taking a perfect selfie.

How to take the perfect selfie in 2019?

If you want to snap selfies, pop culture blogs like Seventeen.com have great details on what to do. A smile is just as important as good natural lighting according to the trendy magazine. Therefore, having a flash is not even important anymore. Using the mirror is corny and your arm cannot be visible in the shot. Most importantly, take a lot of different shots, then pick your best option for Instagram. These are just a few of their 15 tips. These tips should increase likes on the photos. An Instagram marketing agency might be useful to you if you are looking to grow your Instagram account as it can be hard to do this organically due to the new algorithms in place. If your selfies don’t experience better likes and engagement, it might be worth looking into something like Upleap. That helps Instagram accounts by finding real followers and sending them over to your account to engage with your posts. Perhaps some people could read this review on Upleap and their alternatives here. Hopefully, this should result in more people appreciating your selfies.

Now, a trend has emerged on social media like instagram. People are taking full body selfies, with landscape included. Their hands are clearly not touching the camera. Therefore, fans and followers perceive the social media stars as having a photographer. It’s as if they are famous with a budget for a photographer. However ideal, it’s not the case. Often, these Instagrammers have spent their money not on photographers but on followers for their account. On websites such as Jeff Bullas, and many more review pages, the positive elements of buying Instagram followers and the best ones to go for are explained.

This new trend is emerging thanks to the popularizing of the new tact watch called the “Midnight Diamond.” Originally military-inspired with concepts for use in espionage and tactical battle, the �remote control for camera’ app has become the rage with social media-lites. The black ops style smartwatch can make a smartphone take a photo from 10 feet away.

How can smartwatches make smartphones take photos?

As technical as it may sound with a name like �military tactical watch,’ these new Midnight Diamonds are simple. Go-Go-Gadget style, at the press of a button on the dial, your smartphone’s camera shutter is activated and a picture gets snapped. If you need time, simply set the timer, and the timer gets activated.

The way this connection happens is Bluetooth syncing. A Tact Watch app is downloaded to the desired smartphone used for selfies. Once the application is activated, turn on the bluetooth feature of your the T-watch. It will automatically discover your phone. Once paired, try a few test snaps and go.

What do you need for the perfect next level selfie?

To take these pictures hands free and the right angle, of course more is needed. However, these extras are not expensive. If you’re trying to �level up’ on the instagram, there are three things you need.

  1. T1 Tact Watch – as explained, get the tactical wrist technology. It retails for $69.99 , no other price is legit. Stay away from fakes that are cheaper, they malfunction a lot according to several reviews. The official brand only sells through their website T1TactWatch.com at this time. The military smartwatch has over 12 features for daily use.
  2. Attachable Smartphone Camera Lens – For $10 to $20 you can find a decent quality lens clip on that will give your photos a new level of quality. Take fisheye and wide angle perspective photos. Only the top 10% of Instagram users take advantage of this. You can pick these up at any local office store like Staples or Best Buy, or try some of the more �pro’ lens attachments recommended on iphone photographer sites.
  3. Selfie Tripod – There are several selfie tripods. Prices range from $10 to $75. Make sure you get one that can be used in hand and also has the tripod base for standing. If you can find a tripod that has a boom arm extension or swivel, go for it. The more angles you can shoot a selfie from, the better.

In conclusion, you’re going next level on Instagram when using all of the above. In addition, you can use one of the Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active) to increase the amount of people who will see your selfies. With the tips given by 17 magazine, a T1 Tact Watch, & accessories for your smartphone, anyone can snap the perfect selfie it seems. This is the trend coming for 2019. The tactical world seems to be integrating into mainstream pop culture. few popular social media influencers have joined the trend already, helping push it viral on Facebook and YouTube.

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