Harlow’s iconic Netteswell Pond set to get facelift


Harlow Council has announced plans for the restoration of one of the town’s tranquil beauty spots and fishing facilities.

The much-loved and iconic Netteswell Pond, off Second Avenue, is to be restored this year with funding from Harlow Council and Essex County Council.

The project follows the similar restoration over the last two years of another one of Harlow’s beauty spots at Oakwood Pond.

Starting this month the project will move fast so there is as little disturbance to wildlife as possible, particularly the fishing stock. The restoration includes:

Cutting back large willow trees, which are in danger of collapsing into the pond. Scrub and brambles that have been overwhelming the pond area over the past decade will be also be cut back.

Draining and desilting the pond, with clearance of excess reeds from areas that have become increasingly congested. A renewed sluice will also see the water-holding capacity of the pond greatly increased. This will provide additional flood defences for Harlow businesses and residents.

Rebuilding the fishing platforms.

Renewal of old broken benches and replacement of litter bins.

Installation of new signage highlighting the wildlife that can be found in the area and guidance on fishing rules.

Rebuilding the island in the middle of the pond, providing opportunities for ducks to nest.

Establishment of new and colourful marginal plants.

The current stock of fish will be removed and safely stored in holding tanks during the works, and will be returned when water levels are restored. It is anticipated that fishing will return in early summer 2019.

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