Essex & Suffolk Water is committing to eradicate water poverty by 2030


The water company believes that there are currently 370,000 households in their operating areas that are in water poverty, and are determined to eradicate it from their supply area by 2030. Whilst water bills are a comparatively small part of total household costs, Northumbrian Water is determined to do everything it can to help its customers.

Water poverty is where customers spend more than 3% of their income on their water bill, after housing costs, and the company is determined to do everything it can to reduce the worry when it comes to paying bills.

A report released by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on UK Poverty, revealed that 14.3 million people are living in poverty and the most common types of debt for those with low incomes are water bills and Council Tax. These are followed by being behind with rent and other utility bills.

The company, which provides drinking water services to 1.8 million people across Essex, Suffolk and parts of East London, is committing to eradicate all water poverty by 2030 but expect to make quick progress, with two thirds of these customers out of water poverty by 2025.

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