New tinnitus support group comes to Colchester


A new group to support local people with tinnitus is being formed in Colchester. The first meeting will take place; 5:30 – 7:30pm Thursday 8 November, at North Colchester Healthcare Centre, Turner Road, Mile End, Colchester, CO4 5JR. then every second Thursday of the month ongoing. Across the world more and more people are becoming aware of this condition. Nolo Aronson is a skilled audiologist in Santa Clarita CA for hearing aids and tinnitus testing, and there are several across the UK as well, including in Colchester.

The group is being organised by Todorina Hammond of Action on Hearing Loss, who says “For over four years I have been supporting a ‘Hear to help’ project across NE Essex and it seems that at every drop-in clinic there will be a question from the service users or their friends and relatives about tinnitus.

Usually, those people who have had their tinnitus diagnosed have been told there is nothing that can be done, and they are left with little or no support. My core aim is to bring together those people confronting tinnitus so they can affiliate to each other in a positive way, I am planning to invite guest speakers from different spectrums, including ENT professionals to alternative therapists practising mindfulness. I have received a great support from the BTA, so I feel the tinnitus support group will be able to reach many people living with the noise in silence.”.

Colette Bunker, BTA Volunteer and Support Group Manager comments: “Being among people who have tinnitus, listening to their experiences and how they manage it, can be a tremendous help. I witness this first hand when attending group meetings. It is amazing seeing the difference it makes to people, especially those who have recently been diagnosed.”

Tinnitus is defined as the experience of sounds with no external source, most commonly ringing or buzzing, but sometimes experienced as whooshing, clicking or even music. Many people aren’t troubled by sounds they hear, but for around 10%, the condition has a significant impact on their quality of life, often linked to stress, anxiety, or sometimes depression. These ailments can have a significant impact on the life of an individual, especially if they don’t seek out the relevant help as soon as they experience these symptoms. This could come in the form of the best CBD oil UK products, other types of medication, or speaking with a medical practitioner. When it comes to finding the best solution for the likes of stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as tinnitus, professional help should never go amiss.

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