Camden Town Brewery create the ultimate pizza beer!


Where there is pizza, there should always be beer. So Camden Town Brewery has teamed up with pizza pioneers Homeslice to create Camden Home Brew Lager.

Camden Home Brew Lager was brewed with the humble slice in mind. It is a crisp, easy-drinking lager packed full of flavour. Uniquely for Camden the can doesn’t feature an ingredients list because the recipe will be tweaked seasonally, so it always compliments the Homeslice menu. That means each brew may pack a different set of malt or hops to make sure it is the perfect partner to the pizza on your plate.

Chris Wheeler, Innovation Brewer at Camden Town Brewery, says:
“When our pals at Homeslice asked us to brew a lager for their pizzas, we happily consumed many an inspirational slice. All that delicious dough, cheese and tomato sauce inspired this fresh and crisp Pilsner-based lager. Pilsner is the perfect companion – The light breadiness of the malt bill compliments the dough, and the clean finish helps cleanse the palate. We’ll keep tweaking our recipe as Homeslice change their pizza toppings so each brew stays original and fun.”

Camden Home Brew Lager is exclusively available from November 19th at all five Homeslice restaurants across London and on Supper London. For more information visit

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