Anna Kennedy OBE joins International Ladies group LAONI


Anna Kennedy OBE has become the latest committee member to join International Ladies group LAONI!

LOANI (Ladies Of All Nations International) is a Women’s Multicultural Organisation covering over 70 countries and is a supportive and friendly non profit Global International Organisation, covering over 70 countries, promoting inclusiveness and a champion of diversity, which involves bringing together a group of like minded individuals.

Anna Kennedy OBE is honoured to be asked to be part of the Ladies of all Nations International group as a committee member to raise acceptance and awareness globally about autism.

The major aim being to promote diversity and inclusiveness among people from all walks of lives from all Backgrounds, Cultures and Nationalities.

Ladies Of All Nations International is a clear demonstration that ladies of this world of all diversities unite to make huge positive changes, to improve lives, encourage one another, learn from each other and achieve much more.

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