Essex Teacher Who Gave Up Teaching After 20 Years To Improve Children Mental Health Forges Charity Partnership


The Worrinots, a ground breaking, award winning app which allows children to share their worries and fears in a fun, safe and controlled environment announces a new partnership with No Panic, a charity who provide valuable information to sufferers and carers of people with Panic and anxiety.

They will be joining forces to support all age groups from five upwards, offering support to schools and individuals. The Worrinots will be including No Panic in the next release of their app as one of the orgnasistions where you can receive additional help and support. No Panic will also be endorsing The Worrinots app on their website to bring awareness to both schools and parents that they are in contact with if they are in need of extra assistance and support.

The Worrinots app features engaging characters, Rip, Stomp, Shakey and Chomp – who through fun and encouragement, enable children to share their worries and concerns. The Worrinots exist to urge children to speak out and manage their emotions and feelings whilst being exposed in a fun way to receive relevant coping mechanisms. These mechanisms can help them as they grow into adult life, and can help alongside other methods to help that people get more information about.

No Panic or the National Organisation for Phobias, Anxiety Neuroses, Information and Care help sufferers of Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and other related anxiety disorders. They provide assistance to carers and offer vast amounts of free information to help suffers recover from these disorders. No Panic provides one to one and group therapy to adults, along with specific youth services. For youths under 20 and their carers, No Panic has a youth helpline, youth one to one mentoring service and provides workshops on anxiety disorders. As well as No Panic, there are also other providers across the US that can offer their expertise in this field. For example, if you hop across a few states, you will come across Focus Forward Counseling Center in Alpharetta, GA. Or in the other direction, you’d come across NYC Clinic. Trial different clinics to see which establishment works best for you.

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