What is an ethical gold engagement ring?


by Arabel Lebrusan

It’s easy to get caught up by the glitz and glamour when searching for an engagement ring. You can easily become blinded by the Four Cs and the dazzle of a white gold diamond which can obscure your view of what you’re actually buying.

An engagement ring will likely to be the most important jewellery purchase you’ll ever make – a token of your love, commitment and partnership, bought after spending ages looking through jewellers like haruni.com with your partner – so it’s fitting that only love goes into making it. How would you feel if you found out that the item that marks a symbol of your love contained a conflict diamond or was produced through child labour? It would certainly dull its sparkle to say the least! That’s why ethical jewellery matters so much. Here at Arabel Lebrusan, we can ensure each of our ethical gold diamond engagement rings are produced sustainably, with full traceability, as we know the origin of the materials used in their creation.

Our customers come to us because they know they can trust us, so we’re always ready to answer your questions about ethics, sustainability and traceability for total peace of mind. So why not check out Kimberfire’s guide on engagement ring sizing before visiting our store and picking one of our ethical engagement rings for yourself. Over the years, we’re proud to have built a reputation for beautifully made ethical jewellery that doesn’t compromise on style or ethics.

What is an ethical engagement ring?

In short, an ethical engagement ring like those found on this page, is produced sustainably using traceable materials, so you know where it comes from and who made it. But we’d like to delve a little deeper to show you how much love, care and attention goes into each ethical diamond engagement ring at Arabel Lebrusan. When buying an ethical engagement ring there are three main questions you should ask:

Where is the gold from? Where is the diamond or gemstone from? And who made my ring?

And we’re proud to say we can answer all three, meaning you can rest assured that you’re buying the most ethical engagement ring available.

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