Bottle In A Box Gives Alcohol Lovers Choice In Subscription Boxes


Bottle In A Box, an online retailer specialising in boxed alcohol gift sets of various kinds, are now offering a subscription service focused on four distinct and popular varieties of spirits. Whereas other similar businesses in the UK are largely focused on serving up one kind of drink in their subscription boxes, Bottle In A Box is giving alcohol lovers the choice between Gin, Vodka, Whisky or Rum memberships, receiving new and exciting bottles of their favourite tipple on a regular basis.

Bottle In A Box are passionate about their selection of drinks, and this passion extends to every aspect of the contents of each subscription box. Premium spirits are sourced from all over the UK and sometimes the world to offer subscribers a fresh and exciting new bottle every month. Also in each box are high quality mixers and accompaniments from artisan producers, along with cocktail recipe cards focused on the contents of each box, including everything necessary to create some fine cocktails and have some tasty nibbles.

“We’re proud to be bringing such a premium selection of alcohol, beautifully packaged with artisan accompaniments as a subscription service”, says founder of Bottle In A Box Saqib Imtiaz. “As well as make the perfect gift for all occasions.”

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