The dark side of smartphone addiction made visible


Smartphone zombies of Londen is an exciting experiment by a local photographer which aims to show the dark side of smartphone addiction!

Dutch photographer Ritzo ten Cate tells us about his unique project!

It started with Pokemon Go

In the summer of 2016 masses of people started playing Pokemon Go. I started playing myself and.. got lost in my own hometown​​, throwing Pokeballs at Pidgeots, Raticates and Pikachu’s. I went back home, still being in shock of me getting lost. I felt like a zombie being total unaware of my surroundings and my own presence. I decided to dive into it and started taking pictures of players. After a few rounds on the streets I moved on to taking street photographs of smartphone zombies – in general. The series called Caught in the App emerged. 

​What worries me

People nowadays live several lives in one. One in the real world, on the streets, at tables, in bed. And many online. Smartphones make it easy to travel permanently between these worlds. To warp. This permanent travelling between world worries me. It causes traffic accidents. It distracts us. It makes us dismindful, which makes us feel tired. It disconnects us. And maybe the most worrying: it desocializes us (according to research of MIT-professor Sherry Turkle) and we should even worry about attachment problems facing our children and long term consequences involved. And: suicide! San Diego State’s prof Jean Twenge proved direct correlations between screens / likes and depression and suicide!​ ​And did I mention physical consequences like text neck and obese?

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