Plans to improve standards in Basildon private sector housing to be discussed


Plans to improve standards in private sector housing set to be discussed

The Housing and Community committee will discuss plans to improve standards in private sector homes across the borough when they meet next week.

Basildon Council commissioned Building Research Establishment (BRA) to carry out stock condition modelling, which identified hazards in the private housing sector. The most common are trips, falls and excess cold.

The housing stock models also showed an increase in houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) as landlords seek to maximise rental income and demand for housing outstrips supply. Rent often proves a barrier to improving housing standards, with it being too high for many renters to be able to make improvements themselves. Landlords often also sit on their money, meaning the money is never pumped back into improving standards.

Members will discuss enforcement powers available to the council to improve standards and their priorities for future action on Wednesday 6 December.

Cllr Kerry Smith, Chairman of Basildon Council’s Housing and Community Committee, said: “There is a clear link between poor housing conditions and health inequalities or even preventable deaths which is why it is vital that we look at ways to create strong, safe and healthy communities with access to quality homes.

“We understand that renting has become the only option for many people who have been priced out of the housing market so it is important that we help maintain standards for residents.”

Most people in the big cities understand that there should be help in place for people to transition from renting to buying. Making home-ownership more attainable for people is, of course, highly desirable and making it easier to move up the property ladder is a big part of that too. With the help of bridging loans, those looking to buy a second property can do so with this short-term loan which allows them to leverage the equity tied up in their existing property in order to finance the purchase. This way, those looking to ascend the ladder, but who are currently renting, can see that there is an upwards trajectory for those who take the plunge into the housing market, making it more appealing than putting dead money into a flat somewhere.

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