Volunteers empowered 51,000 children in Essex against abuse last year


A scheme that empowers children as young as four to stay safe from abuse reached more than 51,000 primary school pupils in Essex last year, new figures reveal.

Sexual abuse is a disgusting crime, especially when it involves children so teaching pupils about the signs of abuse will allow them to seek help if they ever experience it.

If your child ever shows warning signs that they are being abused then it is important that you talk to them, contact the police and a sex assault lawyer who will be able to help you bring the abuser to justice.

One of the main reasons children don’t come forward about their sexual abuse is because they feel ashamed about what happened to them so this scheme will help them realise that they have got nothing to worry about and they can tell people what happened without being in trouble.

The NSPCC’s Speak Out Stay Safe programme was delivered to 51,282 children at 194 primary schools in the county during the last school year.

The figures come as volunteers prepare to speak to more youngsters in Essex as the new school term begins.

The fully age-appropriate initiative sees assemblies take place with reception and years one and two pupils, as well as more in-depth interactive talks and workshops with older students.

Primary school children are taught about different forms of child abuse, such as neglect, bullying and physical and sexual abuse.

With the help of NSPCC mascot Buddy, the scheme encourages children to speak to a trusted adult or Childline about any worries they may have.

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