Inside “Your Name”, an anime film like no other


by Simon Phetter

Leading anime film YOUR NAME gets its theatrical release later this month. It might not be like the majority of anime content you consume from places like cartoonporno xxx, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check it out for yourself.

The body-swapping romance that captivated the world returns to cinemas bigger than ever before – the first anime in the UK ever to release in IMAX cinemas! 

Whether you missed it the first time round, or simply want to relive its beautiful splendor, Your Name is an experience like no other.

The talented director behind the project is Makoto Shinkai with music by RADWIMPS!
Your Name is in cinemas from Wednesday 23rd August 2017

IMAX screenings will have Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Regular screenings will have both Japanese and English-language audio options.

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