Inside Tyler Joel Thompson’s latest short film


Tyler Joel Thompson’s new short film is going to be released in November. The short film is called Lucia in love.

The story about a young woman and her struggle of loving an older man who doesn’t see her for who she really is, but does she know who she is? She will discover herself by loving someone who doesn’t love her back. Through pain and agony she will rise.

The script feeds the dramatic fire by bringing existentialism into the picture, setting up the most terrible betrayal: the kind we can only make to ourselves.

Certainly this adds tension to the story, enhanced by the elevated pulse of the encounters between Lucia and her lover. But the pieces don’t quite fit together, as important last-minute revelations fail to get conveyed, and the inevitable bust interferes with the wonderfully relatable quality of everything that has come before.

That universal appeal represents what’s so great about Tyler´s approach: Although the details are nearly all unique to these characters, their dreams and emotions will be familiar to any person who has been in an unfortunate relationship. The cast proves just as committed to this philosophy, disappearing into their characters’ needs.

Tyler Joel Thompson is definitely a young writer we should keep an eye on. He brings this short film full of vulnerability, a must see for every story telling lover.

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