Anna Kennedy on People’s Strictly “We all had a once in a life time experience”


by Anna Kennedy OBE || Columnist 

When I am asked about my experience on Peoples Strictly for Comic Relief I am always asked do you keep in contact with the other 5 Champions and the answer is ‘Yes we do!.’

We have a ‘Peoples Strictly Family’ Whatsapp group where we chat and when possible support each other’s events to raise funds. 

We all had a once in a life time experience and this is something very special we will share for the rest of our lives.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing updates about what Trishna, Heather, Cassidy, Micheal, Heather and Phil are up to and what they got out of the Strictly experience.

Here is Trishna’s update:
Doing People’s Strictly didn’t end when the show finished, it’s legacy has carried on. Not only was it a dream come true for me but it was also a fantastic way to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis, particularly when it came to educating people about the hidden symptoms of the illness. Since doing the show, I’ve become even busier (if that’s possible!) with continuing to raise awareness about and improve support for not just people with MS but also people with all types of chronic illness. 

I’ve become an Ambassador/Patron for several local and national charities, including the MS Society, the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association and the Cambridge MS Therapy Centre, and have been all over the place talking about my experiences on Strictly and living with MS.

I’m still in touch with many of the professional dancers, including my dance partner Aljaz, and I speak regularly with Phil, Anna, Heather and Cassidy, who were also on the show.

I’m still doing Zumba and people often ask me if Louis Smith and Natalie Lowe will jump out from behind a curtain if I’m there (that’s what my “surprise” was when I found out I was doing People’s Strictly!). It’s been an amazing experience and a brilliant springboard for furthering all my charity work. 

Most importantly, it’s shown that even if you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness and your life changes in an instant, it doesn’t stop dreams from coming true!
Here is the link to Trishna’s and Alijaz Peoples Strictly

Performance :

BBC Strictly Red Carpet Launch will be aired On Sept 9 cannot wait!

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