Tesco work with to develop and launch the new Clubcard


Thames Card Technology has completed a project with Tesco to launch theUK’s first contactless loyalty card programme.

With 66% of global shoppers enrolled in loyalty programmes (Nielsen and cardholders spending between 12-18% more than other customers (Accenture),loyalty schemes are a key differentiator for UK retailers.

The completely redesigned card increases security and value for customers, and gives Tesco greater brand recognition and actionable data. Several million cards are now in the hands of customers and many more will be issued over the coming months.

To make the new Clubcard stand out in increasingly full wallets, a new PVC core colour was developed to match the red of the Tesco brand, contrasting with the deep blue of the face and rear of the card. Thames has also carried this design to the manufacture of the Clubcard’s companion loyalty keyfob.

Customers can also use the card in three different ways at the point of sale, either tapping using contactless,swiping the magnetic stripe or scanning the barcode.

Thames has now completed the personalisation, processing and issuance of 750,000 card packs per week over the course of the project for Tesco. It also manufactures, personalises and encapsulates the companion keyfob.

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