Which Geordie Shore Star Is Considering Going Under The Knife?


Daniel McLeod // Showbiz Editor

We all know Chloe Ferry as a cast member on the MTV show Geordie Shore, but she has hit the headlines this week after considering going under the knife.

The Ex On The Beach star has admitted that she feels down about her weight, and is thinking about getting a boob job, While speaking to another news outlet Chloe said “I’m thinking about getting a boob job, I feel like my boobs have sagged a bit because my weight has been up and down”.

Although the MTV star has said she wants them to sag less, she also wants them bigger, She goes onto say “I’m dead down about my weight, but I have been filming back to back so I haven’t had chance to lose weight.

Earlier this year Chloe had a little rant on her snapchat about her weight to which she said “I’m really angry I’m not naturally skinny”.

Chloe is not shy to be open, as you can see in Geordie Shore, but she has landed herself a new slot on MTV as a cast member of the upcoming series of Ex On The Beach.

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