Nothing But You, NICKY tells all in candid interview


by Matthew Martino

The sound of “Nothing But You” is ambient lounge music that takes advantage of Nicky’s unique voice, creating a new artistic expression based on a sound collage of Rock, Soul, and Jazz. We had to pull her in for a quick chat!

How did the name Nothing But You, Nicky come about?
I’m a storyteller and my music cuts across many genres. We wanted a name that is memorable and can help establish my personal brand. So we created the name that is related the genre or culture we wish to be identified with. “Nothing But You” is all human being’s Dream…Everyone needs LOVE! We choose a stage name that actually means something to me! Nothing But YOU, NICKY!!

Tell our readers more about your musical journey so far?
Ever since I was young, I was drawn to it.  I could sit for hours and listen to music, especially the heartfelt songs that told stories… I began my musical career as an aspiring singer. A lot of things have changed for both my music and I thru the years. I think singing for that long has helped me improve, through seeing so many people sing live and take influence from them.

I think it’s been an organic progression. As a singer, musician, you’re always trying to push yourself and improve.

What challenges do you face in this  ever growing competitive music industry ?

It’s a pretty hard and crazy to getting recognitions in this music world by yourself because of competitions. Most musicians talk themselves out of any chance for success in the music industry. They falsely believe that their “competition” is far more significant than it is. These musicians think: “why bother?” and “there is sooooo much competition out there, it’s useless for me to even try to become successful.”

But my debut album “Meant to Be” made the current miraculous team connected naturally so we appreciate and respect each other and work so hard together toward to higher goal.

Definitely it takes a lot of work! But it not impossible to do!

You worked with the talented  Emine SARI, how was it ?

Believe or not I first talk over the phone with Emine SARI, I felt we have been knowing each other for over 100 years. I am native Japanese but I decided to move to US to fulfill my desire to sing foreign songs so I am San Francisco- based Japanese American musician now. Emine is Turkish singer/songwriter but she used to live and sing in Japan. The more we talk we feel like identical twins and working and inspiring each other just like Soul Sisters! We could not stop getting inspirations like a Thunderstorm everyday.

What can we expect from you this year ?

I’m just finishing up work on my next single, features collaborations with many of the talented names from across the world including Multi award winning Turkish singer/songwriter Emine SARI, and Multi Platinum award winner London-based music engineer and producer Joel Evenden who has worked with legendary artists, Eric Clapton, Lara Fabian, Rod Stewart and BB King…, and Turkish music producer Cihat Atlig…

We are planning a new album next year to record at the Abbey Road Studios in UK.

I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio again before the end of the year, with even newer material.

So all our miraculous team are working so hard now to share the amazing and most wanted feeling “MUSIC” to the world!

Stay tuned it’s coming soon!!

Check out for any info/music/tour dates near you! We just released our single called “LIPS”, so call and request it if you like it on radio stations!!!

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