Here’s what we know about the Focusing Space presentation in Mayfair 


ArtCircle’s inaugural exhibition Focusing Space, curated by Bettina Ruhrberg of the Museum of Modern Art in Goslar, Germany, has been extended through Mayfair Art Weekend.

The show presents seminal works relating to light and space by artists Adolf Luther, Heinz Mack, Alberto Biasi, Nanda Vigo, Christian Megert, Nicolas Schöffer, Grazia Varisco and Peter Sedgley, and includes Luther’s epic 1968 installation Focusing Room.

Founded by Natasha Chagoubatova, Elena Sereda and veteran German gallerist Volker Diehl, ArtCircle works with museums, commercial galleries, collectors and artists’ estates to stage short-term selling exhibitions featuring works by artists of historical importance.

Central to its philosophy is to work closely with internationally renowned curators and art historians, which enables the organisation to realise museum-quality, scholarly shows on a more intimate scale than might otherwise be possible.

If you wish to attend you can RSVP via [email protected]

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