Local entrepreneur Dwayne Foster sets his sights on ‘Rookie Owner of the Year’ award


Dwayne Foster, entrepreneur and business owner of GoldIcon Enterprise is aiming to win ‘Rookie Owner of the Year’ award at the upcoming sales and marketing industry awards in May. The brand awareness specialists have had an incredibly successful first year in business and are anticipating their successes to be acknowledged by other business owners and industry professionals at the prestigious event.

This will be a significant achievement for the firm as a whole because it will increase motivation within the company, as the award will be the recognition of hard work and achievements over the year. The award will also help to attract new talent to push the business forward for the second year in business. Winning the award will also increase the credibility of the firm within the competitive sales and marketing industry.

GoldIcon Enterprise is planning to put significant steps in place to win this major title. They have goals to increase results, attract new clients, attract new top talent, help existing and new contractors to achieve their goals and progress them to leadership.

The event in May will be a unique and prestigious occasion, but the firm would additionally like to win this award to see their sales contractors recognised for all their hard work and efforts that have helped make the company a success.

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