A candid chat with Essex glamour model Deisa


Deisa is an Essex based model who has set herself up as one to watch on the glamour model scene. We had a chat with her to find out how it is all going.

Q. Tell our readers who is Deisa?

I am an 18 year old glamour model and exotic dancer from and located in Essex where I was born, I have been modelling for a long period in my life and started dancing end of last year in spearmint rhino,Medford hand I was doing it as a hobby and of course I just had to get a pole put in my bed room.

Q. What are your thoughts on the various stereotypes Essex girls face ?

I would not say I am a typical Essex girl although I am blonde and love my pink stilettos, us Essex girls are classed as ditsy, stupid, and materialistic, I mean who is not materialistic, who does not want to own nice things after working hard for it.

But I believe we should hundred per cent be proud of where we come from because let us face it a London girl is not in the dictionary,y we are, embrace it.

Q. As a glamour model what challenges does this entail ?

Being a glamour model too be honest is definitely not how everyone would expect it to be, yes it is fun and I gain a lot of confidence and empowerment from doing so, for example whenever I do try dating all of the people who are aware of my work I believe judge me and assume I am there for a bit of fun, I do not believe they see me as the girl they can take home to their mothers, and then of course working as a glamour model and dancer you do have to paint on this front of being confident within your looks and self, as well as your income is not certain. Social media has also completely changed the way glamour models and adult entertainers can make a living and allows women to take more agency over their own careers. For example, a friend of mine has managed to build a following on sites like ismygirl.com/. I think we will see more social media platforms dedicated to glamour modelling that put women in charge like this in the future.

Q. What’s on the cards for 2017 ?

I have a tonne of goals I always have. I am hoping to have booked more shoots and soon I am going to Scotland for a six page spread in a magazine, and I am also hoping to have a Calendar out in 2018. Long term, I would love to be one of The Babestation babes as I love what they do. I personally think I would fit in well.

Keep an eye out…

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