The Sleep Guru says clocks moving forward can affect sleeping pattern


This sunday, the clocks are due to spring forward and evenings will last longer, but did you know this can lead to sleep deprivation? Clocks moving forward one hour means it’s lighter at the times when we go to sleep.

After 15 years of trying to tackle her insomnia, Anandi The Sleep Guru found a natural health therapy called Ayurveda. Anandi believes that sleeping tablets mask the problem and cause insomnia to manifest into something worse. Using the Ayurvedic principles, Anandi created her ‘Personal Sleep Review’ to help others conquer their insomnia. If you’ve tried the methods that are outlined below and you feel like it doesn’t work as effectively as you want it to, you may wish to try something else to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. For example, wedding cake strain has been known to help with insomnia as well as other health problems you may be experiencing.

There are other natural products out there that some insomniacs find can help with getting a better quality of sleep too. For example, products containing CBD that you can get from a dispensary in mesquite are thought to have a relaxing impact on the body, making it easier to drift off. As long as these are legal for you to take then it is worth considering, especially if the issues are getting worse. If you would like to learn more about how products infused with CBD could potentially make a difference to your sleep pattern, head to If this is something that you have been considering, it may be best to do some research beforehand. As everyone should make their health a priority, it makes sense to want to know what you’re getting into before giving new products a go. It could be as simple as doing a quick google search into something like cbd & terpenes and seeing what the benefits would be for someone suffering from insomnia.

The Sleep Guru believes that if you are a sensitive sleeper, going to bed half an hour earlier and starting the week with minimal social engagement will help with sleep deprivation. Anandi explains, “Light affects your sleeping pattern and is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. Dim lighting in the evening will regulate serotonin levels in the body, making it easier to fall asleep.

“When the sun rises at an earlier time it can disturb sleep. Daylight coming through a window activates the brain which releases serotonin. This can wake you up and disturb sleep.”

Dragons’ Den winner Worcester-based Neil Westwood is the Managing Director of Magic Whiteboard, a portable solution to flipcharts that uses static electricity to stick to any flat surface. Neil was approached by parents who were looking for something to help their children sleep at night

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