Interview with writer Dee Gordon


By Robbie Norton

I first met Dee while her son attended the same school as I, we go back 20 years and we meet up every Wednesday for a disco. I have always seen Dee about and was intrigued to discover what Dee was about , Dee Being a writer is truly inspiring she’s not just great at fiction but factually as well for History within Essex Southend on Sea. 

Dee has written 20 plus books in her career and you can view them online or borrow from your local library.

Here’s a list of some of Dee’s books:

The Little book of Essex – The Voice of Stepney – Southend On Sea – Southend Memories – People who mattered – Essex Land Girls – Southend at War – Haunted Southend – Essex Own – Essex Women – The Little book of the East End – The little book of 1960 – Secret history of Southend .

What was your Frist book?
A) My first novel was called “MeatMarket” based on my previous work experience in the recruitment world. It took 2 years for it to be published and three months to write. 

What got you into history?
A) Local history has always been intriguing and the publishers commissioned me to research which was a dream one true. I immersed myself with all of the interesting things that go on around Southend.

What do you love about Southend?
A) My family lived in the East end in the 1950’s we would have day trips to Southendand would always attend the summer carnival with my family. As an adult I decided to move here as everything is within walking distance. The town is so close to the sea front and we have four museums and 3 theatres and one central library.

Where do you recommend visiting in Southend?
A) I would recommend all four of the local museums; Southchurch Park Hall is a dream with its Tudor surroundings and Priory Park with its beautiful gardens and history of secret tunnels. Along with old Leigh and their museum 

Do you go to any events?
A) On the 18th March I will be at Chelmsford Library signing books for Essex Writers day. In the past I would give talks and address groups like WI, U3A and all my fees would go to Mencap.

18th November, Westley Church, Elm road. Local Author Day.

How long have you been an author?
A) In the 1960’s I was a secretary and in my bored moments I would write stories for teenage magazines. This is where the love started for writing.

Do you have a scary fact that you discovered whilst on your journeys?
A)When I was researching for “Haunted Southend” I interviewed a cleaner at the local B&Q who was amendment that she saw a man every morning with a hat that would cover his neck and a sack slung over his shoulder.

I myself do not believe in ghosts however I do believe people have had encounters. When I went to research the local areawhere B&Q was based; it came to light that in the 20th century,there was a Cole merchant that used to be located there and the reason for the funky hats was for the workers to protect themselves from dust etc. … There was no way that this lady would have ever known this. 

Do you have any shocking facts?
A) Unsolved murders was a book that I was commissioned to write. In Southend there was foul deaths and suspicious crime. In Victorian times along Prittle Brook, A body of a woman was found strangled whilst she was pregnant. It turned out she was a mistress to a James Cannon Reid and he was responsible for her death. It headed all of the national press and was a big taboo. 

What other books are you working on?
A) June this year I have a book being released called “Bad girls from history” 

Under the modern day eye Women back in the Victorian times were misunderstood and punished for life choices and not for crimes. A 12 year would be hanged for stealing a handkerchief. Judgements changes as we evolve in time.

A lady requesting a divorce can be considered a crime; where the punishment would be a hanging.

Ruth Ellis the blonde bombshell was an escort and was involved romantically with two men. One of the men got jealous and confronted Ruth. Ruth had no choice but to defend her and shot him in the leg. Consequences to this he died and Ruth was ultimately hanged. Famously known as the last death penalty in England.

There weren’t many prisons due to the harsh nature of punishments.  

Edith Thompson was married to a boring banker and fell in love with a 19 year old merchant sea man. She would write letters to her lover saying silly things like I wish my husband was dead. Sadly one day the toy boy killed him. She never meant of anything to come of what she had written but because it was in writing she was sentenced to death for husbands killing.

What’s your dream?
A) My dream would be to have” Best seller for fiction” 2015 I wrote a book called “Autistic brother” 








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