A candid chat with Playboy bunny Melissa Howe


As well as being 1/2 of the Howe Twins, Melissa is a playboy bunny and splits her time between UK/US. We pulled her in for a chat

Q) Hi Melissa, so you are 1 half of the famous Howe Twins tell our readers how did it all start?

MH) Yes apart of the infamous “Howe Twins” It started when we were pretty young actually we always would be in the garden at my mums making up dance routines and pretending to be actresses or pop star’s we were actually in a girl group at school called Girl Passion! I was the lead performer we would write songs perform at school assembly’s etc, was so much fun back then. 

As I got older I studied media and performing arts at college and did some Modelling competitions and music videos and decided taking it stateside would further my career a lot more and I auditioned for PlayBoy in California and my first shoot was PlayBoy Malibu beach house tv shoot celebrity special.

Q) We see you currently divide your time between the UK and America, which Country do you prefer and why?

MH) I divide my time between the UK and America I wouldn’t know which I would say I prefer London is home and in my heart but America shows me a lot of love too so I think equally I like being in both.

Q) You was once one of the legendary Hugh Hefner’s “PlayBoy Bunnies” what was that like?

MH) Being one of Hef’s legendary playboy bunnies has been amazing I have made some wonderful friends along the way plus work wise done some amazing Photoshoots Tv shows and been to some cool Historical party’s at the mansion!!

Q) You have been linked with a lot of high profile male celebrities, are you looking to stop the dating game and settle down and have a family any time soon?

MH) Yes eventually I would like to settle down I am an understanding girlfriend and a lot of the men I date work a lot like me and travel around the world, so I would like to make it work to the point where I could be with them more of the time and I’m sure I will get to that point (Lovestruck) face!!!

Q) You have done a lot of reality TV in America, can we expect to see you on our screens in Britain anytime soon?

MH) Yes I have done a lot of TV in America from PlayBoy TV to VH1 I have had a few offers in The UK this year and all I can say is watch this space, I’m also currently weighing up the best option for me and what would be amazing to do for my UK fans and family.

Q) Who is your Celebrity Crush and why?

MH) My celebrity crush knows who they are that’s all I can say…

Q) We have seen recent rumours in the press that you maybe appearing on some big Reality TV shows soon is this true and which shows would you like to appear on?

MH) Yes there have been rumours in the press that I will be starring in Big Brother this year and also Love Island and I’m A Celeb as I have been seen at numerous tv meetings but this has been for BBC, Channel 4 E4 & Channel 5 so I will keep you all guessing!

Q) Your more famous for being a glamour model, what publications and shoots have you done recently in the last few months?

MH) Yes my fame rose from being a glamour model, I was last months cover model for Mayfair magazine and just reshot for the Paul Raymond publication which I will be a cover model for again this will be available for fans to purchase at all major retailers across the UK and online in the next few month.

Q) If you had a All Star Dinner Party which 3 celebrities would you want at your dinner table?

MH) If I had an All Star celebrity dinner party and had to invite three guests hmm… 

I would say Beyoncé and Barack Obama and JLO i mean can you imagine the conversations! 

Q) Finally tell our Essex Magazine readers a shocking secret no one knows yet…

MH) A shock secret no one knows I’m pretty flexible I can do the splits and a headstand comfortably 🙂 

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