A candid chat with the girl next door Roxi Keogh


By Tasha Turner

Roxi Keogh is an adult performer, from being a police officer to now planning ahead for a career in Film and TV its safe to say that she is one to watch, I pulled her in for a little girlie chat ! Enjoyyyy. There’s also Perfect HD Sex available at videoshd xxx.

Q. Tell our readers who is Roxi Keogh?

Roxi is a girl next door type with a naughty side. Growing up I loved to show off my assets but then joined the police force and had to stop being naughty however. It wasn’t long until I got bored of having to be civil so I quit the force and started modelling full time and here I am lol

Q. How long have you been an adult performer and working with Babestation?

I’ve been a TV girl for around 3 and a half years now. I started on xpandedtv and playboy channel. Then moved to babestation. I don’t tend to do as much there now though as I’ve started doing my own productions abroad and they take up most my free time!

Q. What misconceptions or prejudices do you feel you face as an adult performer?

Where do I start! Prejudice’s are mainly jealous people or ex friends. You have to have thick skin in this line of work. I just embrace it and love it. That way no one can make u feel bad for it. As for misconceptions. Same again. Guys just think your easy just because you’re one of the hottest cam girls in the industry. Girls think I’m a whore. Some TV companies think I’m unprofessional. But anyone that knows me knows I’m very career minded and love to have harmless fun along the way

Q. How is the adult industry changing in your opinion?

The adult industry is changing all the time. But in a good way. Since the Internet. Adult stuff has become much more acceptable and almost mainstream. Sex sells. It’s one of only 2 industry’s that didn’t get hit by the credit crunch

What are your plans for 2017?

Plans for 2017. Watch this space. I’ll be releasing some series that I’ve directed and produced. And hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll get some more parts in films and TV appearances. But by 2018 I’ll still be Roxi Keogh. The girl next door with a naughty side

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