Danny Bennett on Game Of Clones: What the hell was it?!?


So I’ve just finished watching the all new TV show ‘Game Of Clones’ on E4…

All I can say is OMG… what the hell was it?!? What is this show?!? Who commissioned it and why have E4 aired it?!? Its fucked up, freaky & strange!!

So basically it’s a new dating show… tonight’s show they had 1 girl “Charlotte” and she got to make her ‘perfect man’ they then went out and found 8 very similar looking men… made them all wear the same clothes, hats, glasses and shave the same & if that’s not weird enough they made them all live in a house together why she picks them off 1 by 1. #Crazy 

In tonight’s show we saw her dump Ryan… He got friend zoned in the first 5 mins so was fucked from the get go!! 

The program was slow & shit… it was possibly the worst 30 minutes of tv I have ever been subjected to in my life!!! I pay for my TV license and this is the shit they make is watch!!! 

I’ll be brutally honest as always… I would rather watch paint dry!!! Or the washing machine spin… it would of been more exciting!!! 

I’m sorry but #GameOfClones gets a 0.5 out of 10!!! 

And that’s only because one of the boy clones rated Charlotte a 

“7 out of 5 out of 10” like what even is that?!? But it made me laugh!!! 

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